Bus Information

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Bus Drivers
Tammy Bailey
Gary Dees
Sarah DeNito
Sherrill Hughes
Melissa Leslie
Pam Long
Danny Robbins
Connie Sands

We are so proud of the job our bus drivers to on a daily basis. They take their jobs very seriously and always do what is in the best interest of our students' safety MANY THANKS FOR THE TERRIFIC JOB YOU ALL DO!!

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Parents, please make sure that your child is at his/her bus stop on time. It is important that the bus stay on schedule and arrive at Friendship on time each day. Encourage your child to stay seated on the bus and to follow bus rules to maintain a safe environment. 

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Friendship's Bus Safety Rules
Be ready and on time for the school bus each morning. 
Wait for the bus to stop and watch for traffic before crossing the road. 
Always cross the road in front of the bus when loading or unloading. 
Never stop to pick up anything you drop in front of the bus. Tell the driver first. 
Sit quietly in your assigned seat at all times until the bus reaches the stop where you exit.

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Car Riders
To make car rider drop off/pick up run safely and quickly, we need your help. Please observe these procedures: 

Car riders may be dropped off starting at 7:30 a.m.-wait until you hear the morning bell 
In the afternoon, please have your child's name sign displayed on your dash 
Leave the sign on your dash until your child is in the vehicle 
Please stay in line and follow the flow of traffic (unless directed otherwise) 

** If you do not have a sign, please send a note to your child's teacher so we can make one for you.