Bus Information

                School Bus

                             Information Parents/Guardians Need To Know:

NOTE:  It is against the law to pass a stopped school bus with its stop arm out. (G.S. 115C-243)

Changing Transportation
Each time there is a transportation change, the parent/guardian must notify the school in writing.  Please note --- Your child may not ride a school bus until it has been approved by the DCS transportation department.  The entire process to approve a bus rider may take up to one week or more.  A DCS transportation request form must be completed and approved prior to riding.  Forms are available in the school office.  The parent/guardian will be notified once the bus request has been approved.  Students will not be allowed to ride the bus until this process is complete.  Car rider transportation changes will not be accepted via telephone except in emergency situations (call before 2:00).  Students will be given a ticket to note the change. 

Unloading/Pick up areas:
Bus riders load the buses on the back parking lot.  Car riders load through the car rider line on the front lot.

In the event the bus is unusually late, call Friendship Elementary. The office will be able to give you further information or instructions.

                                               Bus Rider Expectations

Student Rules - On the Bus:

1.  Listen and follow all directions of the bus driver. The driver should never be distracted from driving the bus. 

2.  Show respect for your driver and for other riders at all times.

3.  Remain seated in your assigned seat until the bus comes to a complete stop. 

4.  Book bags should be in your lap.

5.  Keep all body parts and other objects inside the bus and out of the aisle. Be polite as fellow riders pass to exit the bus. Keep hands and feet off the emergency door and emergency windows.

6.  Use quiet voices to speak. Shouting or loud talking distracts the bus driver. Inappropriate language is a violation of school policy. 

7.  Keep the bus clean. No eating (candy/gum) or drinking on the bus. No items should be taken out of your book bag, including technology of any kind. 

8.  Harassment of any form (teasing, name-calling, spitting, pushing, biting, scratching, or fighting) is a violation of school policy.

9.  Harmful objects on board a bus and  vandalism of bus property are against bus regulations. The cost of damage to a bus may be deferred to the parent/guardian of the student(s).

10.  Students are expected to sit in silence when the overhead light is on. This applies to the parking lot, at railroad crossings, when driver is backing, and any time deemed necessary by the driver.

12. A school bus may be at or near capacity.  Due to safety concerns, if an item is too large to fit inside a book bag, a parent/guardian will need to transport the item to and from school.

Bus Behavior Rewards:
The bus that shows consistently good behavior for the month will be named “Bus of the Month.”  Students that ride the bus of the month will be given a reward as they exit the bus in the afternoon.  Each month, the driver will select a K-2 and 3-5 “Bus Rider of the Month.”  These students will be recognized on the morning news program and receive a surprise.
Bus Behavior Consequences:

*Warnings for minor offenses will be addressed by the driver with a note home that must be signed & returned to the bus coordinator.  After 3 minor offenses, a rider is referred to the office.  Major offenses will move directly to an office referral.

1st Office Referral - Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

2nd Office Referral - Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

3rd Office Referral - 1 Day Bus Suspension / Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

4th Office Referral - 3 Day Bus Suspension / Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

5th Office Referral - 5 Day Bus Suspension / Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

6th Office Referral - 10 Day Bus Suspension / Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

7th Office Referral - Semester Suspension / Administrator Conference / Parent Phone Call / Note Home

*The duration of a bus suspension may vary depending on the offense.  A bus suspension may be given at any time depending on the offense, even if it is a 1st time office referral. 

*The duration of a bus suspension will increase with each offense and repeat offenders will lose the privilege of riding the bus. 



1.  Be at your bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled time. The driver cannot blow the horn or wait for you. Wait calmly for the bus at least 15 feet away from the road. Watch the traffic at all times.

2.  When the bus is arriving or stopping, do not run toward the bus. If you must cross the street/road, WAIT FOR THE BUS TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP with red lights flashing and the stop arm out.  Your driver’s eyes will meet yours.  Follow his/her hand signals.  These signals will be taught to every student and a separate handout will be given.  You MUST follow the hand signal instructions to avoid receiving a consequence.  This is for your safety.  LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET/ROAD when you are given the signal to cross from the driver.

3.  Walk in front of the bus, never along the side or behind. Hold the hand rail as you enter the bus. Sit in your assigned seat.

4.  If you drop something in front of the bus or beside the bus, tell the driver before picking it up. 

5.  Checking a mailbox is very dangerous. Wait until the bus has departed before checking mail.

6.  Students will be picked up and let off at their assigned stop. Drivers are not permitted to pick up or release students if they have not been approved by DCS transportation.

7.  Kindergarten, first, second and third grade students MUST have an adult/parent present and visible at the bus stop for release of the student.

*Students are expected to know and follow the bus rules while riding a North Carolina school bus. Riding a bus is a privilege which may be revoked if the bus rules are not followed.

*At various times a video camera may be placed on the bus to monitor student conduct.