Friendship Reading Strategies

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I REMEMBER Ask the student to turn to a partner and say "I remember....." after reading a part of a selection

 SAY SOMETHING Ask the student to turn to a partner and "say something" about what they have just read. The partner responds with "Why did you say that?"

VIP Students mark very important points while reading   

ALPHABOX Students fill in the alphabox for a specific subject, topic, or selection. The information can be used to summaize or ask Jeopardy style questions.

 SKETCH TO STRETCH Read a selection aloud. After reading a small piece, ask the student to sketch what was read. They may add labels, etc. Then read another section and repeat. Have the student explain their sketch or write a summary.   

READ, COVER, REMEMBER, RETELL Students read a section, cover it up, remember what was read, and then retell what they read.

 TWO WORD STRATEGY Students choose two words to describe something that was read.   

INFORMATION/LITERARY EQUATIONS Students form an equation based on reading. For example, if they were reading a book about a gorilla that saved a little boy who fell over a fence. The information equatin could be a huge beast + a careless child = a surprising success. This strategy can also be applied in fictional pieces as well.

 INTERACTIVE JOURNAL  Each student divides a paper into four sections. They are given a question to respond to. They respond to the question in quadrant 1 and then pass the paper to the person beside them. The students respond as if they were having a conversation. The paper continues to be passed and is returned to the owner to let him reflect on the responses.

Students write test styles questions.