Third Grade » Grading Practices

Grading Practices

Students are responsible for participating in class and completing class assignments.  If a student is absent, they are responsible for completing missed assignments within five days of their absence.  Classwork and participation along with tests, projects/presentations and assessments will be used in developing progress report and report card grades.  Incomplete or missing assignments will affect your child's grades.

Grading Scale

A = 90 - 100  Excellent Progress

B  = 80 - 89  Very Good Progress

C = 70  - 79  Satisfactory Progress

D = 60 - 69   Needs Improvement

E = Below 59  Minimal Progress, Not Meeting Grade Level Expectations


Your child will be given grades weekly. Each week your child will bring home their Weekly Folder. This will include conduct and grades in ELA, Math, and either Science or Social Studies (depending on which subject we are covering).

All ELA and Math grades are weighted Major and Minor.

Major Grades count for 60% of their Final Grade and Minor Grades count for 40% of their Final Grade.

Social Studies Grades are weighted the same.