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Classroom Expectations

Friendship Elementary School utilizes “Class Dojo", an online behavior system that allows parents to see their child’s behavior choices- both positive and negative, instantly through a mobile application. Students are awarded points, or deducted points, based on behavior, responsibility, and teamwork. Students can earn or lose points at any time throughout the day (in class, at lunch, recess, etc.) Parents can see their child’s choices via their smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer on the Dojo app, with immediate notifications. It is a wonderful tool to help keep students accountable and parents informed. I will also be using this system as one way to communicate with parents as it easily allows me to send a message to all parents simultaneously. I believe you and your child will enjoy this great tool for learning, communication, and goal setting.

Positive Reinforcements: Students will earn points for different positive behaviors, such as following directions, being on task, helping others, positive hallway behavior, showing ROAR behavior in the school, being respectful, participating, persevering and teamwork. Students can also earn points as a group or class!


Dojo Cards: Each point earns students a punch at the end of each school day on their personal Dojo Card. For example, 5 Dojo points= 5 punches on their card. One card has 20 punches and can be used to redeem rewards, such as lunch with a friend, a fancy pencil, or a trip to the prize box.  The Dojo Store is "open" in our classroom every Friday for students to redeem their Dojo points.

Consequences: There are times when students make choices that result in consequences in order to improve behavior. If a student makes an improper choice, they can lose a Dojo point (after verbal warnings and other interventions have been tried). Parents can be notified immediately via the Dojo app. After 1 point is lost, a student will receive a warning and conference with the teacher.  When a student loses two Dojo points, a note will be sent home. If three points are lost, a phone call will be made home so that the parent, student, and teacher can discuss how to best help that student make better choices.