Third Grade » ROAR Expectations

ROAR Expectations

We ROAR With Good Behavior


         We show RESPECT when we are kind and listen to others.


         We take OWNERSHIP of our classroom when we care for our things.


         We show APPROPRIATE behavior when we have self-control and follow directions.


         We show RESPONSIBILITY when we bring all materials each day and complete all of our classwork and homework.



We use Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a great way to reward students for great behavior. Students will receive points for positive behavior. They will lose points for negative behavior. They will be able to choose rewards for the number of points they have. If students are not following class rules they will be reminded to follow the rules numerous times before losing a point. Whenever a student loses a point we will discuss why they lost a point and ways to improve their behavior. You will be notified when students earn or lose points. We will let you know if we need to have a meeting to discuss other ways to help your student be successful. Please sign up for emails from Class Dojo.