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Cafeteria Information

If you are able to join us for lunch, please send a note with your child so that the cafeteria can plan lunch according to the daily lunch count. After stopping by the office for a visitor’s pass, please wait for your child’s class in the foyer. Please do not go to the classroom to wait for your child. Parents are welcomed to bring a bag lunch or eat from our cafeteria menu. Outside commercial fast food products are not permitted in the cafeteria. Lunch visits should end in the cafeteria or foyer area. Lunch visitors are not expected to return from lunch to the classroom. We appreciate your visit and support in protecting daily instructional time and routines. 

BREAKFAST AND LUNCH: The cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch each day. Parents may prepay on accounts by the week or month. If your child brings lunch from home please note that soft drinks and outside commercial fast food are not permitted. Supplemental items are available for an extra cost. Ice cream is one example of a supplementary item.

Financial assistance with breakfast and/or lunch is available for students who qualify. Applications are sent home to students each year. We have extra applications in our school office.


CHARGES: If lunch charges accrue, our cafeteria manager will send home the lunch charge amount owed on a weekly basis. For lunch charges that are not addressed, parents will receive a call. Once a charge amount is over $11.25 lunch options for the student are limited. When lunch charges are not addressed after attempts to notify parents have been recorded, a collection agency may be contacted. If you have questions about lunch charges call our school office and our office staff will connect you with our cafeteria manager.  Applications for financial assistance are available at any time during the school year.



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